Close-Up. I decided to dig into some Iranian films this year. This one is based on a true story where a guy convinces a family he is a famous director and wants to use them in his film. He is found out. This movie re-tells the story… using those same people as the actors. One of those movies where talking about it afterward was more interesting than watching it, but still compelling crazy stuff. The only other Abbas Kiarostami I’ve seen is Certified Copy, and it was marvelous.

No Way Out


No Way Out. Really fun, really twisty, really ’80s. I like this version of Costner – slick as hell, and in deep shit. I wish Sean Young’s character had a bit more going for her. Gene Hackman is one of those actors who does so well playing gross people I have to remember that and counteract it.

Interstellar. As much as I whine about Christopher Nolan films, he’s got some gifts. My experience the second time around was almost the reverse of my first viewing: I was feeling the family story, and the epic space adventure had me twiddling my thumbs. I need an alternate cut of this movie that removes the “let’s explain the science” interludes. Just gimme the melodrama. The heightened emo stuff just wrecked me.

Frailty. A father reveals to his sons that God has called them to kill demons. I really like the use of sound in this one, the full range from silence to full intensity at just the right moments. Also some smart visuals, like how we see humans get killed, but when demons are destroyed, we don’t. It doesn’t give away the truth, because it’s not the point.