Nerve. So fun! Saw it on an airplane. Got such great zip and momentum and soundtrack. It loses some of that momentum as the stakes rise, but minor fault. Worth a watch. It took me forever to realize why Emma Roberts and Dave Franco each looked so familiar even though I knew I’d never seen either one before.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. It’s not perfect, and I’m a little annoyed that they’re still making these… but, now that they are, I think this is the kind of story I’d like to see more of. Sort of putting some shape around the original 6-episode arc rather than extending it. I wish it were more melodramatic. Also a wee long and kind of a bad script? Dumb fan service (I assume we’re due for lots more) and the CGI Tarkin and Leia are huuuuuuge mistakes. Still, seeing Mendelsohn, Mikkelsen, and Whitaker in the same movie? What a treat! Much, much better than The Force Awakens. Filed under: Star Wars.

Bridges of Madison County

The Bridges of Madison County. I kinda hate myself for saying this but I think Streep gets under my skin a little bit. The micro-mannerisms. I just about eye-rolled myself inside-out when she closed the fridge with her foot. Still, a lovely little doomed romance. A story of acceptance. I like the way it just sorta relaxes into the story and takes its time even though it covers such a short time period. I’d say this is better than maybe half of the Clint Eastwood movies I’ve seen.