Million Dollar Baby. I’ve had this near the top of my Eastwood rankings for a while, but I started to wonder if I was due for a reevaluation. It’s good, but I think memory rounded off some of the rough edges.

Rankings are getting a bit absurd, but I think you can safely say that numbers 1-4 are in the must-see tier, 5-8 are worthwhile, 9-11 you can safely skip, while only 12 is what I’d call straight-up bad.

  1. Unforgiven
  2. Gran Torino
  3. Mystic River
  4. The Outlaw Josey Wales
  5. Changeling
  6. Play Misty for Me
  7. Hereafter
  8. Million Dollar Baby
  9. The Gauntlet
  10. High Plains Drifter
  11. Bird
  12. Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil