Sahara. Really dumb, but also kinda subversive! There’s some, uh, provincialism and casual violence that doesn’t age well, but it’s fun overall. Love the big reveal moment. Normally in these sorts of adventure movies it’s a room full of treasure. Here, it’s toxic waste.


Room. I love that a huge piece of this movie starts where many would have left off. Like most of it is time-shifted, where we see the after-affects of a horrifying experience, not just the first victory over it. Some side characters I can’t get behind, but the leads are solid gold.


Fargo. First off, how is this movie 19 years old now? Second, it’s great. Some of the gee-golly-dontcha-know Midwestern charm doesn’t age as well, but it does a wonderful job of nudging these great characters along, and switching between their scenes. McDormand and Macy are geniuses. I realized when watching this time that Stomare’s Grimsrud character is something of an early variation of Waingro, and anticipates their own rendition of Chigurh, too. As for the based on a true story part:

If an audience believes that something’s based on a real event, it gives you permission to do things they might otherwise not accept.