Rita Hayworth – Gilda’s First Appearance. When I saw it featured in Visions of Light, which just showed the hair-tossing and winning smile, this bit got a nice laugh out of the audience. This was in the section of the documentary about Hollywood starlets and their symbiotic professional relationships with cinematographers who knew how to make them look great. Actresses and photographers would look out for each other. And then when I watched Gilda last night and saw this clip again, after a 20-minute intro… It’s still silly, but… I mean… dang.


Gilda. This one is worth watching for Rita Hayworth. Gilda is a sad, sad, rebellious woman. The movie ends and you don’t feel good about this couple at all. I love Steve Geray’s role as a sort of one-man Greek chorus. Also great photography here by Rudolph Maté, who directed the superior D.O.A.. Reminds me of another excellent film with a lost woman that revolves around casino life: La Baie des Anges. And another good film named after and about an object of irrational obsession is Laura. Glenn Ford was also awesome in 3:10 to Yuma. Filed under: film noir; movies I’ve seen.