If you missed “Shinobi Marilyn” at Emily Amy Gallery, here’s a walkthrough video I made!

How cool. If you missed this show, or you don’t happen to own a sweet Hokusai/Anderson “Great Wave” print, this seems like a good way to figure out what you missed. Have any other artists done walkthroughs of their gallery shows? Postcards and catalogs are nice keepsakes and all, but it’s not like being there. Maybe if there were an easy way to set up your own Google Street View gallery walkthrough

BURNAWAY » From Picasso to Warhol to Sega: Ashley Anderson’s Shinobi Marilyn. I’m a proud owner of one of Anderson’s other prints, and I’m so excited for this art show this weekend. Geeking out:

I love how Marilyn and 20th Century Fox never knew some artist in New York would buy a photo made to promote Niagara and turn it into some of the most famous art of the last 100 years. I love how Warhol died never knowing a game designer in Japan would inject his work into a video game (I think he would have loved it). I love how the game designer in Japan never knew his work would end up archived on the internet, found 25 years after the fact by some guy in Atlanta who would then turn the imagery right back around from the electric into the physical! It’s crazy!

Cf. Robin Sloan on the flip-flop. Atlantans: get thee to the Emily Amy Gallery this weekend.

Some Like It Hot

Some Like It Hot. I have verified that this is one of the great comedies.

Will you look at that! Look how she moves! It’s like Jell-O on springs. Must have some sort of built-in motor or something. I tell you, it’s a whole different sex!