Serena Williams Is America’s Greatest Athlete

Serena Williams Is America’s Greatest Athlete

Joe Jonas: My Life As a Jonas Brother

Who knows how much of this is just really good, massaged PR messaging, but still. An interesting look from the inside out.

Joe Jonas: My Life As a Jonas Brother

“If Celebrities Moved To Oklahoma” — Pretty Faces, Poor Bodies | Celebrity Gossip, Academic Style.

The power of these photos, then, is the way that they illuminate the amount of capital it takes to make bodies not look like this. Celebrities weren’t born looking gorgeous and sophisticated. They are created; they are the product of capital. That process is elided, in part because the allure of the celebrity is the effortlessness with which he or she appears. But it’s absolutely crucial for us to remember, if only to recall that bodies are never automatically “trashy” or “classy,” “famous” or “poor,” including our own.