Un flic (A Cop/Dirty Money)

Un flic (A Cop/Dirty Money). I love seeing older movies like this and realize I’m seeing some of the early DNA for later films. Like the camera that circles the group as they plan/explain the upcoming heist. The helicopter+locomotive scene was surely an inspiration for Mission Impossible. And the ending, where the camera holds on Delon’s face as he drives? You see the same thing echoed at the close of Michael Clayton. You’re invited to linger on the protagonist and speculate about how they feel about the whole ordeal. Oh, and I love Delon’s (anti-)hero here. He’s not traditionally noble. Like how he handles the love triangle. Or the part where, instead of trying to prevent a suicide and collar a live suspect, he closes the door? Woah! And about those criminals: like I mentioned when I watched Thief, there’s something about seeing middle-aged guys doing heists that’s kind of refreshing. And the one guy hiding the moonlighting from his wife! He’s like, “The job interview went okay. Long day!” Ha! This movie also has: 1. Catherine Deneuve (not enough, but hey). 2. A character nicknamed Matthew Suitcase. 3. A transvestite informer (/love interest?). Looks great, sounds great. Great movie. Jean-Pierre Melville’s Le Samouraï is also very good. I also love Alain Delon in Plein Soleil/Purple Noon.