Il Posto (The Job)

Il Posto (The Job). I loved this movie and recommend it very, very highly. I would probably put this in my top 5. Here’s a Criterion essay. Basically, a young Italian goes interviewing for his first job at a faceless corporation, and there meets a lovely young woman in the same situation.

A few things I loved: 1) The story centers on a reluctant hero you can relate to. He’s tentative, intimidated. You find yourself rooting for him not because there’s some obvious evil to triumph over, but because he seems like a decent guy with decent aspirations. 2) The central love interest is done so well. The tension is really amazing, mostly created with pure body language: fleeting eye contact, reflexive shifting and posture perking up, trying to suppress that rush of exhilaration when they sense potential, (not-so-)subtle ways of giving the other an opening. 3) It’s beautiful. It’s got a feeling of being both very precise and very casual. I found myself thinking “what a beautiful moment” instead of “what a beautiful shot”.