Marginal Revolution: *Create Your Own Economy*, standing on one foot

Tyler Cowen summarizes some of the contents of his new book. Some bits I’m curious about:

2. A new vision for how “autistic cognitive strengths” are a major dynamic element in human history and that includes a revisionist view of the autism spectrum.

3. New ways of thinking about what you’re really good at (and not so good at).

4. A view of why education is much more than just signaling, but why you should be cynical about most education nonetheless.

7. Why the Sherlock Holmes stories are a lot more interesting than most people think.

10. The importance of neurology for unpacking debates about aesthetics, especially when it comes to music.

I finished his Discover Your Inner Economist last week, which was wide-ranging and breezy and smart, just like the blog he co-writes. Looking forward to this new book.

Marginal Revolution: *Create Your Own Economy*, standing on one foot