A short story written by the 6-year-old brother of one of my co-workers:

One day I woke up. I was haf chipmunk and bus. Then! I stareted to driv bep bep. Then I stareted to run wee. Thes is fun driving and runing. Then I crasht in to a treey. Ach

The third sentence is one of the best bits of writing I’ve seen in a while.

3 thoughts on “Then!

  1. The whole thing has a great avant-garde feel about it. Clearly the kid has tapped into the zeitgeist of Beckett & Stein. ;)Seriously, this is one of the great appeals of having (or just being around) kids as they learn to write: you get these awesome fruits of their cognition, usually in totally unfiltered form, and often with accompanying crayon drawings.

  2. Yeah, Stein was the first to come to mind with me too. It’s great to see that kind of uninhibited expression, to see a mind at work, regardless of skill level.

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