The Cold Hard Facts of Freezing to Death |

No one can yet predict exactly how quickly and in whom hypothermia will strike–and whether it will kill when it does. The cold remains a mystery, more prone to fell men than women, more lethal to the thin and well muscled than to those with avoirdupois, and least forgiving to the arrogant and the unaware.

In other words, I’m doomed. I remember reading Jack London’s To Build a Fire and watching the short film adaptation in middle school. Love it. Keep your gloves on, folks.

The Cold Hard Facts of Freezing to Death |

Shall we talk about the weather? « pecanne log


We Southerners get super sensitive about snow and ice in the winter but we LIVE for the first full weekend of zero percent humidity. Everyone breaks out their wool blazers and favorite argyle items as soon as temps dip below 87° – it’s a fact! That’s why it’s so sad when inevitably a three-week humid heat wave comes in October and no one wants to put sensible cotton short-sleeved attire back on. Lots of moist people in sweater vests and Glen plaid dragging themselves through the dying strains of Atlanta summer – it’s just embarrassing for everyone.

Shall we talk about the weather? « pecanne log

In the wake of our tornados last weekend, a fellow Atlantan has invented the tornado drinking game, which I’m assuming you could apply to your own regional weather concerns. “When you hear a TV reporter or anchor say ‘war zone,’ ‘epicenter,’ ‘path of destruction’ or ‘ground zero’…”

Ah, privilege

It’s 23 degrees outside, and I catch myself silently complaining that the shower is too hot. One 2008 goal among many: complain less. There are bigger problems on this planet.