I’ll tumble for ya

I set up a separate tumbly thing on this domain. Here’s the feed for the tumbly thing. This whole operation was no doubt inspired by the blog/tumblr separation that Austin Kleon and Ryan Coleman have been doing for a while. Not too long ago Ryan also shared some thoughts on rolling up your content that helped decide the matter.
The tumblr will be a nice place to gather bits of influence and inspiration—hopefully both more frequent for you and less time-consuming for me; I’ll reserve the home page here for personal stuff and bigger projects TBD. I might clean up the tumblr styling later, and will probably break things in the process, but it’s up and running and good enough for now. Enjoy.

Tumblr and tumblogs are great, but the attribution can be shoddy. I had to click my way back through 4 or 5 websites to to get to the primary source for these really cool illustrations, No Hugging Is So Hard. [sorry, I lost track of the vias, but the next-to-last was startdrawing]