Never be ashamed of how you live or where you from.
You stack a mill’, ***s will see how far you come.

T.I. – Be Better Than Me. My favorite song on Trap Musik besides Look What I Got. Here’s T.I. on the proper ingredients for success:

Stay down, stay on your grind and yo digits’ll come.
Bottom line? You gotta shine, no matter what you become.
These streets is 40 percent of yo’ mind and 5 percent muscle,
10 struggle, 10 time, and 35 percent hustle.


ATL. Don’t expect Casablanca, but I recommend this without reservation – there’s some really great movie here. And it’s always flattering to have a movie in your home city. T.I. doesn’t do any dramatic fireworks, but he’s charismatic as usual. Big Boi’s character is terrifying and hilarious. You might know director Chris Robinson from his work on Bring Em Out, Shutterbugg, Go Getta, One Mic, No Love, etc.