Man of Steel

Man of Steel. The best part of this movie was seeing Michael Shannon in Kansas, which reminded me I need to watch Take Shelter again. Otherwise, very disappointing and a waste of a good cast. Snyder bit off more themes than he could chew, even with 2.5 hours to work with. All dull rush and no impact. Then it devolves into heartless, comprehensive destruction. This is not a Superman that speaks to me. Oh, well. I’ll always have the teaser.

Choice And The Moral Universe Of ‘Man Of Steel’ [Opinion] – ComicsAlliance

Different heroes have different values, different roles, and they tell different stories. For much of the audience, Superman is the virtuous hero, and a story that doesn’t explore this is not a Superman story. And really, the makers of Man of Steel did not seem overly interested in telling a Superman story.

Ditto everything in this essay.

Choice And The Moral Universe Of ‘Man Of Steel’ [Opinion] – ComicsAlliance