Mirrored Las Vegas hotel turns into parabolic solar cooker

The tall, sleek, curving Vdara Hotel at CityCenter on the Strip is a thing of beauty. But the south-facing tower is also a collector and bouncer of sun rays, which – if you’re at the hotel’s swimming pool at the wrong time of day and season – can singe your hair and melt your plastic drink cups and shopping bags.

I work next to a building like this, except the death rays shine right on the sidewalk. (via)
Mirrored Las Vegas hotel turns into parabolic solar cooker

The Brave Man

A good wake-up poem from Wallace Stevens:

The sun, that brave man,
Comes through boughs that lie in wait,
That brave man.

Green and gloomy eyes
In dark forms of the grass
Run away.

The good stars,
Pale helms and spiky spurs,
Run away.

Fears of my bed,
Fears of life and fears of death,
Run away.

That brave man comes up
From below and walks without meditation,
That brave man.

I think this pairs nicely with one from William Carlos Williams, “El Hombre”:

It’s a strange courage
you give me ancient star:

Shine alone in the sunrise
toward which you lend no part!