Her. I expected to love it, I did, and I still was pleasantly surprised with some of the mordant humans-are-screwed humor and the science-fiction-y, speculative thoughtfulness. It’s pretty wonderful. Shout-out to movies that rely on conversation and subtle music. Also neat to see a movie set in the comfortable future – nothing crazy here, just a few plausible tweaks that have had some time to settle in. Some of the writing and face-acting didn’t work for me, but for ideas and smarts, I will forgive many things. Also, seeing Joaquin Phoenix and Amy Adams on screen together again made me want to re-watch The Master.

Three Kings

Three Kings. The setting is Iraq at the end of the Gulf War, when bored/greedy soldiers go in search of stolen Kuwaiti gold and get in over their heads. It veers from buddy-movie hijinks to touching moments to graphic battle scenes and never rests, never goes wrong. Very highly recommended. Ebert says.