A Star Is Born (2018)


A Star Is Born (2018). Didn’t fall in love with it as it seems so many others did. Really loved the first hour or so. The build-ups to the musical set-pieces were perfectly manipulative – such perfect pace and timing and stakes. Ally’s career seemed a bit too easy and magical, and the snapshots of whirlwind success kinda killed the second half for me. But it’s not just her story. Good stuff.


Grandma. Another one from Ebertfest, one of my least favorite of the weekend, but it’s not bad by any means. In short, a granddaughter goes to her grandmother’s house to get money for money for an abortion, and we go from there.

This grandma… has anger issues. She’s gruff, flaky, independent. It’s weird having a central character who’s so angry all the time. Takes something special to keep her worth watching. She’s her own worst enemy for sure. She also drives a classic car that’s near breaking down. She doesn’t take care of it – metaphor! Themes of motherhood, parental influence, experiencing and anticipating loss, grieving, etc. All female cast except for an excellent Sam Elliott cameo and the guy at dinner.