All Is Lost

All Is Lost. Loved it. Perfect movie for the messy, rainy weather of late. Redford’s sailboat is hit by a freight container… and then he deals with it. Minimal script and music, the focus is on inventiveness, improvising, and the mundane aspects of making do. I appreciate that there weren’t any gimmicks that felt too dumb or contrived, like, I dunno, getting tangled in the ropes or something. It’s also a great example of how much more thrilling it can be to focus on the person facing peril, and how they react, rather than show a huge CGI wave vs. a tiny boat. I love the couple moments where he’s… enjoying himself, somehow? A sunset. A simple dinner. And there’s a beautiful, heartbreaking moment before he sends out a communication where he pauses – not quite ready – and then follows through.

Other good “peril at sea” movies: Captain Phillips and Life of Pi.

Other good survival films: Gravity (+ Aningaaq). The Grey. 127 Hours.

Another good movie focusing on one actor, one vehicle: Locke.

Another good movie with an older actor trying to get out of trouble: Arbitrage.