The Silence of the Lambs

The Silence of the Lambs. Absurdly great movie. Its greatest strength is its exploration of institutional sexism and the constant, relentless challenge of demanding respect and getting her shit done without it. Combines some great slow-burn mystery/thriller tactics with occasional over-the-top violence and just enough sly humor. The pacing and the ties between scenes are brilliant. I also appreciate the small bits of foreshadowing and “warm-up” material (the view from the Belvedere, inkpen, creeper nightvision goggles, etc.) throughout.


Manhunter. Awesome. Slow-burning Miami-synth-moods thriller. I love the pre-cellphone detective work, cops running evidence from office to office. The sitting and pondering. The prison scene in Atlanta is actually in the High Museum! I now have to see everything Michael Mann has done.