What I Read, 2007-2012. Amazing how it all adds up. Six years, 400-something books and counting. (Sometimes I write about them.)

As with any long-term journaling, what’s especially fun is the bigger picture you get from looking back. I see the individual books, yes, and my passing topical interests and ongoing obsessions, but I also see who I was hanging out with, who I was influenced by, and an incidental history of where I was living.

Fun with Flickr stats

Spent some time playing with Flickr stats the other day. I’m not really looking to be known for my photographs, but I am a sucker for data. As expected, my stats don’t demonstrate that internet users worldwide have come to appreciate my uncanny eye for composition and form, but rather that one can leverage Flickr’s hard-won Google ranking and search relevance to own some obscure keywords.