Logan Lucky


Logan Lucky. Preeeetty good. Heist movies are inherently absurd. Just gotta lean into it and I love that this one does. Neat to see scenes with cameos of local regular Atlantans like me. Shaky accents here and there. Can’t shake the feeling that at times it’s mildly classist in a pointing-and-laughing kind of way more than a laughing-with-them way. (Some defensiveness bubbling up, I think – I feel like I notice and feel this more about movies set in the South than movies with similar casts in other regions.) No less fun for it. Filed under: Steven Soderbergh.


Skyfall. Uhhh… I fell asleep. There’s some good location porn though. Word on the street is Quantum of Solace is the worst one? Haven’t seen it, but I’m skeptical. I guess Bond in general just isn’t my thing. Casino Royale was pretty good, though.

Casino Royale

Casino Royale. I admitted on Twitter that I’d never seen a post-Dalton Bond film and asked for recommendations. This was the clear favorite. I like this reboot. Craig is excellent. The movie is kinda Bourne-y, and therefore great as an action film. It’s kinda eehhhhh if you’re looking for clever spy things. (Chasing baddies by text messages they leave behind on cellphones? Surely it’s harder than that…) It has basically no sense of humor. It’s a bit too long. Appropriately glamorous photography. Soundtrack is nothing special, but I really appreciate withholding the main theme until the closing credits. The arc of storytelling is not the revelation and denial of a grand evil plot; it’s gloomy, reckless Bond becoming Bond. Looking forward to Quantum of Solace!