On the other side of the class and educational divide (…) it’s easy to forget what it’s like not to know.

Zadie Smith, in an essay on E.M. Forster collected in Changing My Mind. The context is whether or not readers pick up on literary/cultural references. It made me think of Ezra Klein.

The Rules of the Game: A Fuller Thought on J. Hopper and Vampire Weekend

The critic, ever wary of a band like Vampire Weekend’s likely privilege, doesn’t look very far into what, if anything, they’re saying about class — so sure is she that her take on class issues will be more important and incisive. The critic, ever wary of the band’s interest in African music being dilettantish, doesn’t much ask how that influence is operating — so sure is she that her relationship with African music is deeper, more solemn, more respectful. And at some point we’re barely reading criticism anymore: we’re just watching the refereeing of a game we’re all too familiar with.

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