When I begin working on a film, it’s like standing on shaky ground. I never know where I’m standing. My only sure footing is to make the movie. If the movie moves me and interests me, I presume it will move and interest others. At the same time, if I’ve made a good movie, I try not to repeat it.

La Ventana (The Window)

La Ventana (The Window). Antonio is an ailing old man whose estranged son is coming to visit. He gets a haircut, retrieves the special bottle of champagne, goes for a walk, has the piano tuned. Movies like this are proof that you don’t need dramatic twists, revelations, surprises or other antics to make a worthwhile film. Even predictable is fine if you’ve got a premise you’re willing to follow for a few minutes and a world with a few characters you’re willing to care about. This one was really nicely done.