I had never written a movie before and Dan gave me this huge list of movies and took me to Whole Foods with his laptop. We sat and watched every movie on the list frame-by-frame and talked through it. That was my film school, meeting with Dan at Whole Foods.

Lucy Alibar, on adapting “Juicy and Delicious” into Beasts of the Southern Wild. Easy as that.

Beasts of the Southern Wild

Beasts of the Southern Wild. I loved this movie and recommend it to all living creatures. It’s about endings, and how we react to and prepare ourselves and others for the inevitable. What we leave behind. Best soundtrack of the year so far? I might have cried twice. YMMV.

Also, I read about aurochs after watching this and was intrigued to find the connection to the old rune Ur, which has also been used to mean water or rain. Cool!