Close-Up. I decided to dig into some Iranian films this year. This one is based on a true story where a guy convinces a family he is a famous director and wants to use them in his film. He is found out. This movie re-tells the story… using those same people as the actors. One of those movies where talking about it afterward was more interesting than watching it, but still compelling crazy stuff. The only other Abbas Kiarostami I’ve seen is Certified Copy, and it was marvelous.

Certified Copy

Certified Copy. It’s really brilliant, and it’s kinda hard to talk about this movie without spoiling it. There’s a lovely parceling out of information here, the way you learn more about the protagonists. The reveals are like, “Oh… oooohhhh…”, not like, “But he’s ACTUALLY a GHOST!” In any case, the surprises depend on you coming to a conclusion, one way or another, and the way the movie unfolds, you have to question what you come up with. Much of the conversation in the movie works around ideas of authenticity (cf.), subjectivity, pretense, conviction, truth. Art and relationships are alike in that way. I’ve heard Colin Marshall praise director Abbas Kiarostami many times, and now I feel like a fool for not seeking out his work sooner. Watch this!