The first time I instagrammed a container car, it was because I was waiting on my commuter train to show up, and I was bored to death.

(click for superfluous historical facts!)
(click for superfluous historical facts!)

The second time, I was curious about the word “Maersk”.

(click again!) 
(click again!) 

The third time… yeah, in all honesty, I was just kinda trolling my friends.


But at least a handful of other folks saw the same appeal. I kept seeing the containers, and the each time I did a little more on-the-spot research, I learned how old and/or humongous these companies are.

Kinda cool that there’s a whole other part of the economy that’s just been chugging along, making the rest of it work a little more smoothly.

And there’s the novelty, like birding. I’ve seen, in passing, a bunch of other containers that I haven’t snapped or read about yet.

It’s not sexy at all, but there’s something compelling here. Some things are born interesting. Some things, given time or attention, become interesting.

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