Look what I made: a tray

I like to have a place for everything.
I made a tray

I have a drawer in my nightstand for all my day-to-day stuff, but it still didn’t feel together enough.

I made a tray

A light went off in my head when I saw these leather trays from JW Hulme and Aspinal. This was actually the whole reason I started messing around with leatherworking in the first place.

I made a tray

Turns out, besides being convenient in my actual house, this is *exactly* what I never knew I always wanted when I settle into a strange hotel room. I hate having my stuff scattered about the room. Everything centralized, mind at rest. Snaps let it pack flat.

I made a tray

I didn’t know how to set snaps when I started, but a few minutes of obnoxious late-night hammering and cursing had me on my way. I also didn’t know how to sew leather at the time, so this one remains unlined.

I made a tray

By the way, I still can’t sew leather very well at all. Evidence forthcoming.

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