New Orleans

Atlanta → New Orleans

I went to New Orleans this past weekend. Great trip, my opinion of the city definitely went up (which makes sense, because there wasn’t much lower to go before). Though I’ve been a couple dozen times, this was my first trip out and about as an adult, sampling nightlife-y kinds of things. Friday we were out in the French Quarter wandering around. The Acme Oyster House is okay, nothing special. Oysters are inherently good, but the rice in my mediocre gumbo was kinda crunchy. D.B.A. is a very cool spot with a great drink list. The rest of Frenchmen Street was good, too. There was also a cool spot on a street that I don’t remember that had really nice neighborhoody people who gave us directions. I’d love to find it again. Saturday was a little time in the Warehouse District and on Magazine Street. Republic reminded me of Opera here in Atlanta, so naturally I didn’t go in. I give my highest recommendation to The Bulldog on Magazine Street, which has a great selection and a sweet, sweet patio.

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