Fun fact: I have a podcast

I haven’t talked about work much in the 3 or so years I’ve been running this site, but I thought it was time to share a side project I’ve been involved in. I’m a co-host of Stuff from the B-Side [iTunes link], wherein, twice a week, my friend John and I have a conversation about some aspect of the musical world. John knows about 38 times as much as I do and we always a good, low-key time.
I was looking back through the RSS file for our episodes and realized I’d been doing recordings for a half-year-ish now. The first couple (dozen) episodes I was in were pretty rough. But I always listen every week and it’s nice to hear (what I think somewhat resembles) progress. It’s certainly feels more comfortable in front of the microphones. It’s not nearly as strange to listen to my own voice anymore.

It’s nice that we get a lot of freedom to be the curious people that we are, exploring topics as we get fascinated by them or as listeners request them. Favorite episodes? I’m partial to the ones in which we talk about:

  • Musicians who use alter egos (including a discussion about the post-modern meta-cultural qualities of Hannah Montana and Eminem)
  • How to decipher classical music titles
  • The 1980s cassette version of iTunes
  • Guilty pleasures and what makes music “cool”
  • Brian Eno’s Music for Airports
  • Narcocorridos
  • The life and times of Billie Holiday
  • Terry Riley’s In C
  • Wizard Rock
  • Leonard Cohen
  • The West Coast/East Coast rivalry
  • The Dies Irae melody
  • Etc.

Also, I’d be silly not to mention that I’ve got smarter, even more well-spoken colleagues that do many other podcasts [iTunes] that are even better.

One thought on “Fun fact: I have a podcast

  1. I can’t believe you have had a podcast all of this time and never let me know! Now I have to carve out space from my overstuffed iPod to download a few.

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