To celebrate its 120th anniversary, the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra is giving away a symphony every day. Yes, please. Here’s the selection:

Franz Schubert – Symphony no. 8 ‘Unfinished’
Ludwig van Beethoven – Symphony no. 2
Felix Mendelssohn – Symphony no. 4 ‘Italian’
C?©sar Franck – Symphony in D minor
Gustav Mahler – Symphony no. 1
Anton??n Dvo?ô?°k – Symphony no. 8
Camille Saint-Sa?´ns – Symphony no. 3 ‘Organ’
Jean Sibelius – Symphony no. 2
Anton Bruckner – Symphony no. 8
Johannes Brahms – Symphony no. 2

What a nice surprise. Since you asked my opinion, I’d download the Schubert, the Dvo?ô?°k, and definitely grab the Sibelius—one of my favorites, period. Mahler, Bruckner, and Saint-Sa?´ns would be next if I had to choose. And if you get 6, you might as well get the rest… [via classical convert]

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