No Country for Old Men (review: 4/5)

no country for old men

Llewelyn, I dont even want the money. I just want us to be back like we was.
We will be.
No we wont. I’ve thought about it. It’s a false god.
Yeah. But it’s real money.

I don’t have much to say about No Country for Old Men other than that it’s every bit as good as the excellent movie it inspired. The movie is more intense and more suspenseful. The landscape plays a larger role along with the Anton Chigurh character. In the book, I think Chigurh is one of the least interesting people. The book is more explicit in following the stories of Sheriff Bell and Llewelyn Moss, heavier on the Western philosophy (as in earthy wisdom and reminiscing, not as in Kant and Heidegger) and the struggle of knowing when to give up, or at least knowing when it’s over. And it’s about the mysteries of Death and Life and Love and everything else that is worthy. Wonderful storytelling.

I also like these lines:

You sign on for the ride you probably think you got at least the notion of where the ride’s goin. But you might not. Or you might of been lied to. Probably nobody would blame you then. If you quit. But if it’s just that it turned out to be a little roughern what you had in mind. Well. That’s something else.

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