Die Sonne (review: 4/5)

A man chases the sun through city, sky, and sea in this wordless story by Frans Masereel. Here’s my favorite sequence from Die Sonne:
[update: images removed due to copyright complaint from Verwertungsgesellschaft Bild-Kunst. no more free publicity—you’ll have to trust me that it’s worth your time]

Take a look at some other woodcuts from Die Sonne. This is the first of four Masereel books that I recently picked up at the Emory library. I’m sure I’ll enjoy the others over the next week or two.

3 thoughts on “Die Sonne (review: 4/5)

  1. Oh, man — I freaking love Masereel. Thanks for putting these up. I found a book of his (pen/brush + ink) drawings, which is weird a) because I’ve never seen any b) because from a distance, they look just like his woodcuts.I’m going to scan them next week and put them up.

  2. Glad to you like it. (And thanks to you for bringing Masereel into my vocabulary.) Looking forward to seeing that brushwork!

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