In a pretty thrilling essay on tragedy, comedy, and the modern novel, Julian Gough asks and answers: “What is wrong with the modern literary novel? Why is it so worthy and dull? Why is it so anxious? Why is it so bloody boring?” One of the best essays I’ve read this year—I had to try really hard not to go ahead and block quote the entire thing. [via austin]

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  1. Feel free to block quote, Mark! Very pleased you enjoyed it so much. That essay seems to have poked its finger into a tickly spot. It’s certainly been more discussed and quoted than anything else I’ve ever written.Best of luck with your blog (I had a quick look at some of the books you’ve reviewed. Physics! Graphic novels! Economics! Hardcore grammer! I suspect I’ll be back, browsing, later…)

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Julian. You’re always welcome around these parts. And yes, definitely a tickly spot! I’ll have to keep it handy to read it a few times more.

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