Plastic Man: Rubber Bandits (review: 5/5)

Kyle Baker’s Plastic Man: Rubber Bandits is absolutely hilarious. Pure entertainment, like watching a good Saturday morning cartoon (as in the Fox Kids era of Eek the Cat, the Tick, X-Men, Tiny Toons, Terrible Thunder Lizards, Batman: The Animated Series, etc.). This book, along with Baker’s other one, Plastic Man: On the Lam, has some of the best comedic writing I’ve seen. Plenty of sight gags—it seems like every panel has a little something extra. I love the snappy dialogue and self-aware parody: “Blast you, Trapper! My complex personal ethics force me to allow you to endanger the very fabric of reality to save a single human life!” Interestingly, although the silliness of the characters lend themselves to over-the-top illustration, most of the paneling maintains fairly traditional layouts with hard frames. It’s admirable restraint, allowing the colorful, sharp drawings and great characters to keep things exciting. This one and On the Lam are definitely worth a purchase. I just love it.

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