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  1. Hi, Mark,Thanks for noticing the post. I’ll be curious to hear how you like later volumes in the Paris Review series, which started on a very high note in Vol. 1.The PR series has made a unique and important contribution to American letters, partly because the all the subjects get to see and correct their quotes. So the series may provide a more accurate record of many writers’ thoughts than anything else in print.But they have focused from the beginning on the craft or process of writing (as opposed to texts). And I’ve often wished they’d deal a little more with the books instead of questions like, and I’m making this one up, “Do you sit at a 45 degree angle or 90 degree angle to your desk when you write?” How about how you?Jan HaraydaOne-Minute Book Reviews

  2. Hey Jan. My review of the first PR book is coming. Need to mull it over some more. I love that the PR staff and the interviewees sort of “co-write” the interview. I appreciate that they want the ideas rightly understood and shared clearly.I’m actually not so interested in the texts, though I like reading how authors see themselves fit in the geneaology of literature. Though I agree with you that some of the questions can be a little too mundane. When it gets to that level, I think it begins to turn more into “celebrity profile.”

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