Batman: Year 100 (review: 2/5)

So in Batman: Year 100 we have the typical gritty Gotham set in a climate of heavy-hand police state dystopia, etc etc. The year is 2039. Not too distant, but plenty of time for the world to go to crap. Enough time for the old Batman to die off and a new one to take his place. Or maybe it’s the same man…? The mystery of the new Dark Knight is unfortunately one that never gets resolved. He just sort of is, and does the usual foiling of nefarious plots. On the upside, there’s interesting artwork from Paul Pope and Jose Villarrubia, and I liked seeing Batman as a bit more of a ramshackle outsider, coming across as unexperienced and a bit clumsy and improvisational.
One of the better surprises was the little mini-comic stashed in the back of the book: Berlin Batman. This one revolves around the (true) story of Ludwig von Mises, a brilliant and outspoken economist who fled the Nazis at the cost of having his home ransacked and all his papers confiscated. Batman tries to stop it. It’s a cool little yarn, with a hilariously bourgeois/bohemian Bruce Wayne. It was great to see two of my personal thrills (Batman and Austrian economics) collide so unexpectedly.

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