A Practical Handbook for the Boyfriend (review: 4/5)

The subtitle says it all, really: For Every Guy Who Wants to Be One/For Every Girl Who Wants to Build One. If you’ve ever been confused or frustrated by a female, you’ll probably find some help here. I was surprised by how much I liked this one. Felicity Huffman and Patricia Wolff managed to put together a book that’s both informative and legitimately hilarious. I can’t think of very many books that I’ve dog-eared more than this one. There are great lines throughout. For example…

  • A woman’s emotional checklist reads more like a Russian novel.
  • Love up her body the way you find it, or find a body that you can love up.
  • Any flat surface where people might perch, she will want to ‘pillowize’.
  • Can we please discuss that apr?®s-pee shaking?
  • The thing you do isn’t only the thing you do; it represents something else.
  • Guys seems able to carry a bigger load of irritants than we can… The BF shrugs, shakes his head, and files it under ‘Oh Well,’ that big category made up of a lot of manila folders, all of which are bulging and ripping at the seams.

The whole thing is written in this conversational tone, and it’s all pretty straightforward. I daresay females could learn a good bit as well. The authors don’t claim to have all the answers, and they don’t make a lot of apologies either. The whole book seems to square with real life. I had plenty of head-nodding, plenty of Aha! moments, and quite a bit of fun. Read this!

4 thoughts on “A Practical Handbook for the Boyfriend (review: 4/5)

  1. This just arrived for me in the courier, and I was already all excited about it before I read your review! I love Felicity Huffman (if you’ve never seen a show she was on called “Sports Night”, you need to!)

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