One man’s trash is another man’s trumpet. A gallery of weird musical instruments–some are handmade from scratch, some are nicely constructed from materials at hand. The organ-in-the-cave is just amazing.
–Romance, coffee, cigarettes, fashion… a photo-essay about Parisians. [via coudal]

Nothing like the excitement of toppling dominoes. This group gets bonus points for 1) variety of toppled materials [soap?!] and 2) creative use of apartment space. [via do]

–So a gentleman bought a car, drove it home, parked it. The next day it was gone. The dealer took it back: all most sales are final. [via digg]

–Conundrum: how to sustain a religion in which all members are celibate. It’s a tough problem evidenced by the fact that soon there will be no more Shakers.

–It seems like people like to click on eyes and brightly-colored things. I’m not sure what this means for society in the long run.
USA Today reports some religious demographics in the United States, highlighting those who don’t belong to any church. Apparently, Washington is where all the heathens go, with some 25% in the “no religion” category. Close on its heels were most of the other western states in the 20% range. I was surprised that 97% of the respondents in good ol’ North Dakota claimed a religion of some form. The Glenmary Research Center also does studies of this type, providing some maps for religious populations, so you can find all the Amish hot spots. [via digg]

I suppose this is reason enough to go to Hong Kong. What an incredible skyline.

–Emporis went through the trouble to rank skylines drawing on a little formula and a database. Atlanta makes #32. Hong Kong wins easily.