Rivalries are born from teams that play each other a lot. When you’re not in the rivalry and you look back at it, you’re thinking, Well, I hated that guy because he would have made a great teammate.

Scot Pollard. Cf. Carolyn Hax: “Competitive people are most annoying to other competitive people.”

Doubt is what drives me, the nervousness that I don’t have it anymore. There’s nothing a coach or anyone can say to me that’s more powerful than my own fear that I can’t do it anymore.

NBA Rebuilding the Highlight Factory – ESPN

Atlanta is a sports town, just not one that resembles other major league cities. To understand Atlanta’s relationship with the Hawks, it’s necessary to understand that the common cultural heritage of the metropolitan area tends toward living in the suburbs and the tribalism of college football. To believe Atlanta is not a good sports town, it’s necessary to believe college football is not a sport.

NBA Rebuilding the Highlight Factory – ESPN

Kyle Korver’s Big Night, and the Day on the Ocean That Made It Possible

The point is, as we’re paddleboarding [25 miles] … there wasn’t a tree, there wasn’t a corner, there weren’t mile markers. You had to break it down even smaller. Into the stroke. So I sat there and tried to perfect my stroke each time I pull. The angles of how I’m pulling the paddle back and going forward. How long I’m going. How I’m using my wrist. All these things. You try to make the stroke perfect.

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Kyle Korver’s Big Night, and the Day on the Ocean That Made It Possible


LOOK AWAY: Steph Curry had a 3-on-1 break against the Clippers, so naturally he pulled up and shot a 3-pointer (and got fouled = 4-point play).  That’s not why I posted this GIF though.

Just look at the faces of the crushed Clippers fans in the stands who can do nothing but look away.

My Power Rankings:

  1. Brunette lady in blue Clippers jersey
  2. Guy who exhales, grabs Dodgers cap
  3. Older white guy shaking his head



THE BESTNothing is more Larry Bird than this play

This is, by far, my favorite Larry Bird moment, and a Top 10 NBA Moment Ever in my opinion.  The first time I saw this highlight, I gasped.

It’s one thing to know your shot is short.  It’s another to know where the rebound’s headed.  It’s a third to instinctually and immediately go for the ball, and just patently absurd to switch hands to get the shot off, and make it.

There are a lot of great plays in the NBA, but you will not find ten better than this.  It really is breathtaking.


jomc.links: This mesmerizing image contains all of LeBron James’ scores in Game 7…



This mesmerizing image contains all of LeBron James’ scores in Game 7 of the NBA Finals. It lasts only four seconds, but one could gaze at it for quite some time. It almost seems to contain the entire history of the game, evoking a sense of data, like a visual stats card. It has information inside of it, but we can only understand the data by repetition. By definition, you have to watch The Loop again and again to understand its depth.

Loops are not short films. Loops are more like spreadsheets: data, but with a fourth dimension, time. Without the repetition, you would not see the data.


jomc.links: This mesmerizing image contains all of LeBron James’ scores in Game 7…

Tim Duncan Encourages Teammates To Be Fathers First, Basketball Players Second | The Onion.

“What you do on this court is nothing compared to what you do at home for your children,” said Duncan, adding that what this country lacks most is not basketball players but mature men. “The playoffs end in June, but the responsibilities of fatherhood? Those are year-round. Guys, it doesn’t matter if you score 10,000 points or win three NBA championships—spending time with your kids: that’s the championship.”

The Onion and Tim Duncan go way back.