Is it me, or is there subversive body language in this Apple promo video? I was watching the iPod Touch guided tour, and I noticed that our friendly host keeps moving his head left and right, as if to express disagreement. It’s incredibly distracting.

Helvetica, the film

Just got back from the local Helvetica screening (presented by AIGA-Atlanta, sponsored by the Art Institute of Atlanta). It was good, but not great. Pretty cool for a relative noob like myself to see Helvetica’s role in design over the past half-century. But I wish there was a little more nitty-gritty talk about how it came about, and less personal testimony and philosophizing about its ubiquity. One nice bonus was the post-film Q&A with director Gary Hustwit and type designer Matthew Carter. I didn’t take a whole lot of notes, so you’ll have to trust me on its overall worthwhility. But I do remember the three books that Carter most highly recommended: Letters of Credit by Walter Tracy, Modern Typography by Robin Kinross, and Robert Bringhurst’s Elements of Typographic Style.